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  1. After many years out of print, this title is now available at parisrecords.net. Tracks from this project have been viewed millions of times on youtube, but the original distributor has let it lapse. So, we at Paris Records are re-issuing it ourselves. xxx Les Michaels

  2. I bought the CD solely for Jeff Buckley’s „Ulalume“ reading. It’s a haunting and amazing version of Poe’s poem. However, I was disappointed because it is the only track that can’t be downloaded to my iPod. It must be protected so I can only listen to it on my laptop. At least I have it somewhere, but wish I could have it on my iPod so I can listen to it whenever I like. I also enjoyed Christopher Walken’s version of „The Raven“. He did a very good job interpreting it without over dramatizing the reading. If you’re looking for anything Poe related, this would be a good addition to your collection.

  3. We have six of these in various themes and find them absolutely necessary when playing a game with many people and/or many cards in play. Highly recommended.

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