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  1. I love this tree it fills my bare corner. I bought 2 of these and after about an hour of ‘fluffing’ them I think they look great. Well I think they look great for the price.

  2. Look GREAT..I don’t get enough sun under my portico to grow real flowers..I tried…..SO, I bought 2 baskets of these bougainvilleas and 2 rectangular Styrofoam blocks for the planters. I pulled the flowers out of the baskets and they come out in one piece with a long anchor for the styrofoam….the rest is history 🙂 they are in my planters and look great……well worth the money..

  3. I was a bit hesitant in buying a silk tree online, but after being very disappointed with what I found locally, I decided to go ahead and try this one. I am so happy that I did! It is an excellent tree, especially for the price!The tree comes in a long box with the tree wrapped in plastic. The base is a small pot filed with concrete to hold the tree. The tree is still rather top-heavy and falls easily. This can be improved when you put it in a decorative pot. Even though the pot it comes in is not decorative, they still have green moss on the top. The moss is not very well attached and ends up all over the box and tree during shipping. Personally, I don’t like the moss so I just threw mine out.The top of the plant is folded over to allow the tree to fit in the box. The branches have wire inside making it easy to straighten and fluff them to get the look you want. The very tips of the beaches are just plastic so they can be folded over from the packaging, but it looks good once you shape the branch. Some of the leaves are folded over, but that’s to be expected. There are enough leaves to make it so no one folded leaf is noticeable.One other thing I like about this tree is how they finished the ends of the main trunks. Most silk trees simply leave a blunt cut. Some try to glue moss to hide the blunt cut. This tree has wood filler of some kind to try to taper the end. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than what I normally see. Unfortunately, the wood filler end fell off of one of my branches, but it still looks good without it.I put my tree in a corner, directly in front of a tall light fixture. It’s there to hide the light fixture and to filter the light somewhat. I really love the effect. I’ve taken pictures with the lights on and off so you can see what it looks like.Overall, this is an excellent tree! It ships in one piece and is very easily fluffed into a nice shape. The price is excellent for what you get. The size is perfect for most regular size rooms. I very highly recommend this tree! Have fun fixing it up with a decorative pot!

  4. Update 10/1/16: Still 5 stars! I had these baskets hanging up on a shaded porch all summer. They were realistic enough to fool visitors and hummingbirds. I did have to contend with birds nesting in them. One basket that housed two broods was pretty nasty–lots of bird poop. I figured even after hosing them down, I might have to throw that one away, but they cleaned up very well and I only lost a little of the fake green moss. Next year I’ll try to dissuade birds from nesting in the baskets. Note: these are very lightweight and will swing a LOT on a windy day. Still a great purchase for indoors or a shaded outdoor area.I’ve never posted a review the same day an item was delivered … until now. I’ve given up on trying to keep real hanging baskets alive, so yesterday I bought four of these baskets for our front porch. To my great surprise, they arrived today (a day early), and they are gorgeous! They’re full, a great shape, and very realistic from a few feet away. I don’t know how well they’d hold up in direct sunlight or rain; I hope not to find out, since our porch is pretty shaded.I looked at the beautiful wisteria baskets from another company, but they were more than double the cost. If you’re looking for an affordable silk hanging basket, you can’t go wrong with this one!

  5. These are beautiful! They were a little hard to position how I’d like and also one of the two plants I bought leans sideways but overall it looks real and really brightens up my porch! I would have given 5 stars had these not been poorly packaged.

  6.  So Amazon sent us this 6ft silk tree the other day. But my wife and I didnt order it so we have been trying to figure out the mystery of how it got ordered. Today we realized that Alexa ordered it for us. Alexa heard me talking from the other room and somehow thought I said to order a tree and when she asked “should I complete this order?” Our potbelly pig Mu oinked and it thought I answered yes. so in conclusion….Our potbelly pig ordered this tree. And now her facebook page has had many likes because of it. So all in all, we love the tree! My pig says Thank you!

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