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Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service created and operated by Microsoft. It was first made available to the Xbox ...

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  1. “Dead to Rights” is the kind of non-stop action game that will remind you why you play console games in the first place. Though the game’s premise, style, and source of inspiration are easy to compare to “Max Payne,” the games themselves are readily distinguishable from one another, and both are equally as worthy of your gaming attentions.”Dead to Rights” casts you as Jack Slate, a larger-than-life cop in the fictional cesspool of Grant City, whose only real friend appears to be his canine partner, Shadow. Early on, Slate discovers the body of his murdered father in a construction yard, and then the action comes hot and heavy from then on.Slate’s gun-slinging antics and martial arts brawls are quick to remind one of a John Woo film. The hand-to-hand fighting system is immensely enjoyable and reminiscent of updated classics like “Double Dragon” and “Final Fight.” The majority of the game’s setpeices, though, involve thousands of flying bullets, and the gunplay is truly extraordinary. Capping the bad guys is rarely this satisfying, particularly in a game viewed from a 3rd person perspective. To add icing to the cake, Slate has a series of violent “disarms” he can employ to turn a battle in his favor, and executing them properly is gratifying in all its M-rated glory. “Dead to Rights” wisely switches between hand-to-hand battles and fierce gunfights at a fairly regular interval to ensure that the game doesn’t get repetitive.Unfortunately, “Dead to Rights” also favors mini-games and puzzles that crop up every now and again to slow down the action. The idea is a sound one, but most of these sessions are just exercises in button-mashing frenzy. On the plus side, though, the mini-games segue into the storyline almost seamlessly, so they’re not as jarring as they might otherwise have been. And speaking of the storyline, it’s sure to entertain, and is helped tremendously by talented voice-actors and some truly cinematic cut-scenes.Aside from the mini-games and some questionable decisions in level design (which are an exception rather than a rule), “Dead to Rights” is a triumph. The game is bloody good fun from beginning to end, and more addictive than a set of Max Payne’s painkillers. This remains one of the best action titles available on the PS2, and it should not, under any circumstances, be missed by fans of the genre.Final Score: A-

  2. It is gritty and dark story about a Bronson/Eastwood like cop. It is action game , there is shooting (best solved problem of PS2 having no mouse to move crosshair ), fist figting and minigames. You can turn blood off, and there is plenty of challenge although I played and completed on Rookie Level.Some bosses are too easy, some I’d never beat without reading FAQ, and some levels, like ninth , are TOO long compared to the ones that follow.And yeah, if you think it is repetitive, try Quake 4 to see what is repetitive.It is ridiculous to compare this game to Jak and Daxter, but I got so much fun outta both, and they left very high impression on me.

  3. Don’t know how I ever let myself sell this game, but I’m getting another copy asap!This game is the right mix of violence and fun. Choc-full of drama, action and analytical, brain-squeezing mini-games (not too easy…just challenging enough to lose a couple of times before you get the hang of it and pass it! Whew!)Actually found myself doing a touchdown dance after a few of the stages.Even today it ranks high with Prince of Persia – Sands of Time, God of War, Splinter Cell, Max Payne and the other great classics.

  4. I grew up in the days of Balder’s Gate, Morrowind, Oblivion, Diablo 1&2……Fallout 2 is definitely my most favorite game of that time. If any of you want to take a step back in time to see the history in the Fallout series, this is the best one to take you on that journey. Fallout 1 is hard to play after you’ve played Fallout 2. Fallout Tactics is a game play style unlike any other Fallout so I never got in to it. The first hour is relatively boring because you’re simply learning how to play the game. BUT – as soon as you come out of the cave and hit Arroyo- the game unfolds incredibly. There’s plenty of new and awesome games coming out that I will no doubt play however, this one will always remain in my arsenal. I will never forget how this game shaped part of my teen years and some day I will play it again to reminisce. To this day I still view new skills I learn in real life as perks 😉 + more and more things I learn in the real world… I’m just gaining experience points! hah hah!

  5. The Penguin United Eagle Eye Mouse and Keyboard Converter is excellent for the Xbox. Its pretty easy to setup once you read the instructions.It took me 10 minutes to setup properly.I would suggest downloading a keymap configuration from the support site so you can have an idea which settings are good to map the game you are going to play.I use this to play Black Ops 2, and there is no type of lag or weird feeling. I would suggest testing it out in local play first to familiarize yourself with the controls and tweak them as you go.I printed out a screenshot of the keymappings as it relates to the picture of the xbox controller and rest it on my desk for whenever I need to refer to it – THe more you play the less you will need to refer to any documentation.This converter allows for precise aiming with deadly accuracy!The only drawback to this device is that you cannot use a wired xbox live headset – so no chatting unless you have a wireless headset. I would buy an affordable one along with this converter if I were you, unless you dont chat much on your Xbox.I bought a large mouse mat to use with this and a gaming mouse as well to enhance my precision even further.This costs less than the XIM3 which I hear is a bit better than this product – but I would recommend to just get what you can afford, because this is a good buy nonetheless!Ignore the bad reviews regarding this product not working – Perhaps the customer was not willing to set it up properly or just happend to get a damaged product.

  6. This is a truly great game and despite some aging of the graphics, it holds up better than most games its age. However, be warned that this is really the game exactly as it came out, and may not run out-of-the-box on a newer operating system. After a little internet searching I was able get the patches needed to make it run, but I could see that being very frustrating to someone not ready for it. I think I got it to work after about 15 minutes of work. (Sorry for not having more specific instructions, but it was awhile since I did this.) I think it is defiantly worth the effort, as it really is a phenomenal game.

  7. I bought the EagleEye (EE) from Amazon along with a Microsoft wired controller and cheap USB keyboard & mouse. In the end, there are a bunch of wires laying around the living room, but this is the nature of this beast.The EE is very easy to figure out and program. The included software is a piece of cake. You click on an image of a controller, then press a button on the keyboard or mouse for assignment of that function. Mousewheel scroll up and down as well as press are included functions. The Function Keys (F1…F12) are reserved for in-game programming of the EE. Once you have the programming set, a simple button will download the settings to the EE.I tested the EE as both Controller 1 and Controller 2 and both work. First, you have to plug the MS wired controller (alone) into either port of the EE. Then, once the Xbox detects the controller, you can remove it and plug in the KB & Mouse. If I want to make the EE Controller 1, I had to plug the wired controller into the XBOX, then start it up, then plug in the EE. A little bit of hassle, but it does work. I haven’t tested all variations of connectivity, so there may be easier procedures.Next, start a non-competitive game (no enemies) so you can learn the in-game calibrations. Yes, you have to do in-game calibration in order to play properly. I am not exactly positive of what the ***Mouse Deadzone*** settings do, but I set them. Next is the x-axis, then y-axis. I found that I have to set the x-axis at a very high rate in order to have good sensitivity in-game. I also have to adjust the game’s ***”look sensitivity”*** to the maximum setting.Once I started playing, I realized that some of the keys had to be changed (I changed grenade from to , etc) but that is an easy re-programming using the easy-to-use software. I also had to re-adjust the in-game calibrations and “look sensitivity” to get good gameplay every time I start a new session. This is a bit of a hassle, but not too bad.Just to be clear, using this device and a keyboard/mouse does not give you any advantage over other players who have experience and skills with a controller. The only advantage this will give you is if you are a PC player and just can’t get the hang of the XBOX controllers. The online players who have experience at the game/map/etc. will be very dangerous until you become as experienced.

  8. Received this Item around March 11. Could not get it working and wrote the Penguin United. Took a couple of days to answer. Had to buy a wired controller, a microsoft keyboard, microsoft mouse.Got everything microsoft hooked up, keyboard worked but no movement on the microsoft mouse. Changed to a Logitech mouse which moved aiming slightly. Adjusted sensitivity to maximum on the eagle converter and and at “insane” in the game and still mouse barely moves the crosshairs. Microsoft mouse 3000 doesn’t move it at all.Wrote seller again. Been 3 days since the last communique. If this keeps up the warrantee will have expired if I decide to return it. As an aside, the first answer came back saying I wrote the day before and two days after I actually wrote.I’ve tried 6 mice on the Eagle Eye that I had around the house plus the one I bought for this specifically. All logitech or microsoft brand mice. So far, none of them work fast enough to play the game (COD BO II). Be sure to check out recommended mice by users on the eagle eye forum website, and save time by making sure you have a mouse that works. Looks like I may have to buy another mouse. So far, purchases in addition to the Eagle Eye converter have almost doubled it’s price. Not to mention the frustration with trying to get this unit to work.All because I can’t get used to using a controller. I mainly wanted to switch to xbox gaming because feedback from gamers indicate xbox has a much better handle on cheaters than Steam.Good luck.

  9. We purchased this game for our grandson. He loves it and wants to play it all the time. His sister also loves it and enjoys playing. This was a great gift with loads of action for some fun-filled hours!

  10. Great Game but difficult to play though that isn’t a bad thing. The graphics are dated but what can you expect from a game as old as Fallout 2 ? The version I purchased did not come with a manual however I did find one for download at http://www.nma-fallout.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=65 which also plays home to several mods for the game. I strongly suggest this game for anyone who enjoyed Fallout New Vegas as it provides a perspective on some of the events leading up to Fallout New Vegas.

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