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A search engine can be thought of as the largest storefront of all time. But, it dispenses EVERYTHING (as example search engine default). You walk up to the counter (visit Google.com) and ask the magical clerk for search engine default (type in your search), you hit „go“ and off he runs back into the largest warehouse of all time to find search engine default.

In a matter of milliseconds he’s back with a list of search engine default he thinks you need. Essentially this is how a search engine works.

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How to change the default search engine in Microsoft edge

It is a program that searches and identifies items in database that corresponds to the search specified by the users

How to Change Your Browser's Default Search Engine - wikiHow

How to Change Your Browser's Default Search Engine. This wikiHow teaches you how to change the search engine (e.g., Google search) your browser uses. You ...

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How to Make Google My Default Search Engine in Edge Browser in Windows 10

Like my video? You can #donate #bitcoin using following address: 3EYduQGGanMEmYtxzkPqsD7HpAPjS9Vxrj Steps to Make Google My Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 https://www.what...

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  1. The normal experience with Antivirus is that it pesters you to make choices, slows down the computer, takes up tons of space, and takes forever to get to work. Webroot took that and turned it upside down.DISCLAIMER: I do NOT test the official efficacy (effectiveness, detection rate, etc) of Antivirus Products. I leave that up to the labs (though with this there is some concern about lab tests… More about that below). As such this review is about the product and general experience with it but is not any guarantee or statement of how effective it is.======================Praise (The Good Stuff)======================- Super-small install. The program is under a megabyte and will download in under ten seconds on most internet connections these days.- Makes intelligent decisions without harassing the user.- Upgraded to for free for existing customers.- Very fast scanning.- Extremely light on the computer.- Doesn’t bug the user at all normally.- Highly configurable for power users.- Works with other products at the same time.- Has a Mac version available in the same purchase.======================Raze (The Bad Stuff)======================- Does not operate like conventional antivirus, so may confuse some people who are used to the current stuff.======================Haze (Things to Consider)======================- Operates via the network, so will not work well (or even install) without a network connection.- A novice user in the advanced settings can cause havoc.- Some other products that it can work alongside will complain about it.- Test results don’t seem to reflect reality.Installation—————I’m a continuing customer, so mine automatically upgraded to 2013 version without even needing to tell me, have me reboot, or anything else. That is something great to know: If you already have a Webroot subscription, you get to upgrade to this for free. To get a proper review perspective, I uninstalled and reinstalled cleanly on my system. The file is a tiny little thing, under 800kb. No further downloaded data is required for installation, so it walks you through a quick bit of set up and is done. The scan took about 50 seconds and that was it. Done.Use—————In all the time I’ve had it, it’s never bugged me about anything. It doesn’t ask if I want to allow things unless I set it to do so. It makes the right decision on its own. It can scan without me even noticing it and it doesn’t impact my use of the computer at all. I’ve installed it on enough computers for friends, associates, and customers of mine that I can say they are very happy with the results.I can’t speak on absolute efficacy, but I can say that instead of the old dozen-plus infection removals a month I’d do with other products for people, only one person has managed to get infected with this in the whole hear I’ve had the whole SecureAnywhere product on systems and they basically turned off the thing to install the infection because they really wanted the „video.exe“ file to show them the video, but then the computer wouldn’t boot up after. This is completely contrary to testing that claims it’s not too good, because with me monitoring hundreds of users including many who are repeat offenders with infections, I haven’t seen anything like what the tests claim.Literally it’s just tremendously easy to completely forget it’s there, and that’s the way that makes it best. Protect the computer and stay out of the way.I’ve also seen numerous users install it alongside other Antivirus programs and not have a problem at all, which goes contrary to old common sense about antivirus. But a few Antivirus packages have complained about it when trying to install and had to be put in line to get them to both work at once (or often just go with Webroot alone when the other program isn’t smart enough to know they can work together).Configuration—————There are basic settings that are easy to set, but there are also a lot of power user settings hidden under the hood (figuratively speaking). I have encountered a few cases where users have poked at the advanced configuration and made a mess of things that I’ve had to repair, but that required telling them to not touch in the long run.All in all, the biggest problem I’ve had with it is explaining it to people who are used to other Antivirus programs and think they are „experts“ on the subject because they read a forum or two. I do computer security stuff for a living for over a decade, so I can say that their credentials are a bit lacking, but I can’t say that directly. So I put it very simply most of the time: Use it. It won’t bug you, slow down your system, or get in the way. With people who I manage the security for, this is easy, since they don’t get much of a choice, but it’s really made my job a lot easier. For everybody else, if you get an infection anyway, Webroot fixes it for free, even with remote access if necessary and unlike some other companies, they don’t consider „reinstall your computer“ to be a good solution.Support—————Support is given through a computerized question asking system, a support forum (registration required), primarily a ticketing system to get to real live people, and phone. Despite the fact that most people aim for phone support, I’ve found the ticket system to be most effective because the program itself knows when you are opening a ticket and sends its diagnostics information to support along with the ticket. It’s not a human voice, but it’s humans responding who have brains in all cases I’ve seen and do a darn good job of figuring out the information given to them and getting to a solution.More importantly, the program just works, so I’ve never actually had to contact support for a problem.Conclusion—————Really, as an Antivirus, this is something I’ve been wishing for for 15 years. I am an avid gamer and power user and I want to use ALL of my computer, not „Most of it, but not the part the Antivirus is using“. If you have a normal internet connection and like using your computer, not „using your computer except when the Antivirus is scanning or bugging you to make a decision it should make or updating or whatever“, then this is an excellent choice for you.As always, I will answer any questions anybody has about my review to the best of my ability. See my other reviews for examples. Please be sure to let me and Amazon know if the review was helpful to you or not, and if not, please comment and let me know what you would like to know further to help. I will update reviews if/when I have more information available in the future that should be included on the review.

  2. The antivirus software performs well, but has one serious flaw. It does not remember manual exceptions of installed programs on the computer. I have a program that I need to use, but Webroot thinks it contains virus. That’s fine, as I know the program probably has a suspicious component, but it’s not vicious and I need it. But there is no way to simply set a permanent exception. Any manual „allow“ seems to be only temporary, and gets overwritten in the next scan. It becomes a constant struggle. Cannot live with it. Rather unfortunate, especially considering that the antivirus software itself performs so well with such an attractive user interface.

  3. The Penguin United Eagle Eye Mouse and Keyboard Converter is excellent for the Xbox. Its pretty easy to setup once you read the instructions.It took me 10 minutes to setup properly.I would suggest downloading a keymap configuration from the support site so you can have an idea which settings are good to map the game you are going to play.I use this to play Black Ops 2, and there is no type of lag or weird feeling. I would suggest testing it out in local play first to familiarize yourself with the controls and tweak them as you go.I printed out a screenshot of the keymappings as it relates to the picture of the xbox controller and rest it on my desk for whenever I need to refer to it – THe more you play the less you will need to refer to any documentation.This converter allows for precise aiming with deadly accuracy!The only drawback to this device is that you cannot use a wired xbox live headset – so no chatting unless you have a wireless headset. I would buy an affordable one along with this converter if I were you, unless you dont chat much on your Xbox.I bought a large mouse mat to use with this and a gaming mouse as well to enhance my precision even further.This costs less than the XIM3 which I hear is a bit better than this product – but I would recommend to just get what you can afford, because this is a good buy nonetheless!Ignore the bad reviews regarding this product not working – Perhaps the customer was not willing to set it up properly or just happend to get a damaged product.

  4. I bought the EagleEye (EE) from Amazon along with a Microsoft wired controller and cheap USB keyboard & mouse. In the end, there are a bunch of wires laying around the living room, but this is the nature of this beast.The EE is very easy to figure out and program. The included software is a piece of cake. You click on an image of a controller, then press a button on the keyboard or mouse for assignment of that function. Mousewheel scroll up and down as well as press are included functions. The Function Keys (F1…F12) are reserved for in-game programming of the EE. Once you have the programming set, a simple button will download the settings to the EE.I tested the EE as both Controller 1 and Controller 2 and both work. First, you have to plug the MS wired controller (alone) into either port of the EE. Then, once the Xbox detects the controller, you can remove it and plug in the KB & Mouse. If I want to make the EE Controller 1, I had to plug the wired controller into the XBOX, then start it up, then plug in the EE. A little bit of hassle, but it does work. I haven’t tested all variations of connectivity, so there may be easier procedures.Next, start a non-competitive game (no enemies) so you can learn the in-game calibrations. Yes, you have to do in-game calibration in order to play properly. I am not exactly positive of what the ***Mouse Deadzone*** settings do, but I set them. Next is the x-axis, then y-axis. I found that I have to set the x-axis at a very high rate in order to have good sensitivity in-game. I also have to adjust the game’s ***“look sensitivity“*** to the maximum setting.Once I started playing, I realized that some of the keys had to be changed (I changed grenade from to , etc) but that is an easy re-programming using the easy-to-use software. I also had to re-adjust the in-game calibrations and „look sensitivity“ to get good gameplay every time I start a new session. This is a bit of a hassle, but not too bad.Just to be clear, using this device and a keyboard/mouse does not give you any advantage over other players who have experience and skills with a controller. The only advantage this will give you is if you are a PC player and just can’t get the hang of the XBOX controllers. The online players who have experience at the game/map/etc. will be very dangerous until you become as experienced.

  5. I’ve been using Webroot for about four or five years, including when the product was Prevx. Webroot acquired Prevx and eventually replaced their Webroot flagship product with the Prevx product (you can do an Internet search if you want more info). I’ll focus this review on my experience with the company and product.What I like about it … other reviews have covered the positive features well. For me, the fast scan is the best feature.Regarding using with other security programs … when using this program, I’ve always used this program with another computer-based security program, in the past with the Zone Alarm full suite (which I eventually had too many issues with after using over ten years), then with Norton Internet Security Suite 2012 and now Norton 360 2013. While I am not a tech, I started in computer sales in 1985, and software sales in 1993, and would put myself in the intermediate category. From this level, I have not seen any significant issues running with another computer-based security program. Could there be something on a much more technical level where there is a conflict? That is possible. Now, the Complete and Internet Security Plus versions include a „firewall“, password protection, etc. So, that opens up more opportunity for conflicts. But, I think I have only experienced one virus in the last five years. So, this dual approach has worked fairly well for me. In the Prevx days, they actually positioned the product this way.Regarding support … One criteria I look at with software is what support does the company offer, and when. Webroot only offers technical support for consumers from M-F, 7am to 6 pm MT. They have sales there later at night and on the weekends, but not support. In this day and time that is very weak. I’ve experienced both quick phone call responses and VERY long wait times (over thirty minutes).In short, I would not use this as my primary malware protection, but like it as an extra layer of protection. What happens if you have a virus and cannot connect to Webroot? It is Cloud-based … you better have a plan. (You can read my reviews under Complete and Internet Security Plus of why I would use Webroot „AntiVirus“ over these.)

  6. Received this Item around March 11. Could not get it working and wrote the Penguin United. Took a couple of days to answer. Had to buy a wired controller, a microsoft keyboard, microsoft mouse.Got everything microsoft hooked up, keyboard worked but no movement on the microsoft mouse. Changed to a Logitech mouse which moved aiming slightly. Adjusted sensitivity to maximum on the eagle converter and and at „insane“ in the game and still mouse barely moves the crosshairs. Microsoft mouse 3000 doesn’t move it at all.Wrote seller again. Been 3 days since the last communique. If this keeps up the warrantee will have expired if I decide to return it. As an aside, the first answer came back saying I wrote the day before and two days after I actually wrote.I’ve tried 6 mice on the Eagle Eye that I had around the house plus the one I bought for this specifically. All logitech or microsoft brand mice. So far, none of them work fast enough to play the game (COD BO II). Be sure to check out recommended mice by users on the eagle eye forum website, and save time by making sure you have a mouse that works. Looks like I may have to buy another mouse. So far, purchases in addition to the Eagle Eye converter have almost doubled it’s price. Not to mention the frustration with trying to get this unit to work.All because I can’t get used to using a controller. I mainly wanted to switch to xbox gaming because feedback from gamers indicate xbox has a much better handle on cheaters than Steam.Good luck.

  7. The antenna is a bit puny for my non-flight needs, but you just can’t go wrong with the NEO6M modules. I have this one incorporated into an automotive project already, with a full-sized active patch hooked up to it.

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