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Foreign trade - Schedule B - Census.gov

Search and browse Schedule B/Export codes. These are the codes used when filing the 'paperwork' with Customs when you export products overseas. Some of ...

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  1. rFactor is one of those Unique games that not only has a great package with it, but because Image Space Incorporated was kind enough to have open-architecture on the game, its safe to says that it is the modifications, or „Mods“ for short, truly make this game one of the best Sim Racing games on the Market today. If you know anything about Sim racing, you would know this game, as well as iRacing. Personally, I looked into both, but settled with rFactor because of the amount of mods available for it. If you can think of it, it most likely is is already available in mod form, and if it isn’t, the developing companies and individuals would gladly accept any and all requests. This game truly is Community driven as well, with the amount of leagues, forums, and videos, it is something you can easily lose yourself into.Graphics are my own downside to this game, however, you must realize that this game was originally released in 2005, with it’s latest patch being in 2007, so its easy to understand why that is so. Even then, however, the tracks are well made, and the experience makes up for the older generation graphics.Yes, rFactor 2 is coming out later this year, but why wait till then to experience some of the best sim racing, when you can get this one today at a great price? This one will hold you over much longer than the release of rFactor 2, That I can guarantee. 🙂

  2. This is the second Crescendo that i have purchased. The first one was so easy to use that I purchased a second for a family member. We are both very satisfied.

  3. I had not done enough research, but this headset cannot stream car audio from Pandora or the radio, but is an awesome little headset with voice commands and a long standby time (I only use when driving my truck). The price couldn’t be beat and came in original packaging.

  4. I am new to playing racing games in a PC mode (Windows 7), up to now it’s been mostly consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time racing F2000 cars as well as karting. I’ve been looking for a new way to get seat time from the comfort of my own home, so to speak, since most of the console racers keep getting somewhat tailored for the casual players and less for those with more experience, and also perhaps to exchange one set of problems for another since some of the enduring problems with the console racers can make one get a bit fed up. Well exchange one set of problems for another I certainly did.rFactor is amazing when it comes to all the mods that are available. It’s truly dizzying how many different eras of cars, tracks, and other changes to the game are available, and the quality in some cases is very impressive. However that is both its greatest strength and it can be its biggest hassle. The game just isn’t very good right out of the box – particularly with the driving physics and force feedback, it’s very difficult to sense what the car is doing so driving even at a „swift“ pace let alone „on the limit“ is rather difficult. This is part of the dilemma of when sims get „too realistic“: ultimately you’ll always be limited to sitting in a motionless chair looking at a 2D screen in front of you (unless you can invest tens of thousands of dollars on a sweet full motion 3D rig), so you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to true depth perception and feeling the weight of the car at all four corners and being able to react in time with it to turn a fast lap. If the FFB sucks, the whole ballet of inputs to make the car trace the racing line at high speed falls apart.So you spend a lot of time tweaking, adjusting, testing, readjusting, installing new mods, trying again, getting fed up, installing more mods… for days and days yet ultimately still more or less having the same problems despite all the time and effort spent improving the experience. The problem is, I had expected it to be way better than the racing games I had already played on the consoles – which would make it worth all the extra time spent tinkering. But it’s not. The graphics are nowhere near today’s standards, and physics-wise it’s hardly even playable – I play all my games with all the driver aids turned off and have never had such difficulty just keeping the car on track, let alone actually putting together a decent lap. There just isn’t a „tame“ mode in rFactor where you can drive at 90% and feel planted. The car simply won’t turn if you try that.The one thing I loved was being able to use any combo of wheel and pedals I want (G27 with CSR Elite at the moment) but that’s more a function of running on the PC, so you can do that with any other PC game (e.g. Assetto Corsa). But all this hassle is almost enough to admit defeat and go back to the consoles. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t make it more of a sim or „more realistic“. I was four seconds a lap quicker at VIR in the real car this year, but I could hardly do anything with this game. I tried though… for what it’s worth.

  5. Recieved Paackage in perfect condition. Installed the game from cd,,,,,, I then clicked the Rfactor Shortcut only to be warned to insert disk….. I never tooj it out of cd rom drive/….. I THEN UNINSTALLED/REINSTALLED SAME RESULT…… THINKING MR DRIVE WAS BAD… ONLY TO FIND OUT THIS WAS A USED ILLEGAL BURNT COPY CD….. I CANT PLAY THE GAME NOW…….. I WANT I FULL REFUND!!!!! PKEASE CHECK INTO THIS MATTER THAT’S FRAUD!!!!!!!

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