about a search engine that doesn’t track you

A search engine can be thought of as the largest storefront of all time. But, it dispenses EVERYTHING (as example a search engine that doesn’t track you). You walk up to the counter (visit Google.com) and ask the magical clerk for a search engine that doesn’t track you (type in your search), you hit „go“ and off he runs back into the largest warehouse of all time to find a search engine that doesn’t track you.

In a matter of milliseconds he’s back with a list of a search engine that doesn’t track you he thinks you need. Essentially this is how a search engine works.

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DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you ...

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused "search engine that doesn't track you," saw its usage skyrocket in the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations ...

DuckDuckGo – The search engine that doesn't track you

DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results.

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DuckDuckGo - The Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You.

DuckDuckGo is about Real Privacy they don't track you. What you search for is your own business and they'd like to keep it that way. That's why they don't collect any personal information...

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  1. When this game first came out, I thought I had lost Nintendo. I found myself doing such things as getting an XBox instead of a Gamecube, making fun of my friend who DID get a Gamecube, and writing an angry letter to GameInformer for giving it a perfect 10.I thought the cel-shading was ridiculous. It was when I finally ended up getting a Gamecube, and my friend made me borrow it, that I was blown away.The first thing I came to realize is how deep and emotional connection I really had to the Zelda series. I had constant chills running down my spines as the storybook-like intro unfolded and the original zelda theme chimed in. It was after playing this game that I realized that this is the best series of games to ever be played by mortals, and I really need to stick with it no matter what.Then came the graphics. It looked like a pre-animated move, but it really was the actual game graphics. Seeing adorable characters such as Aryll gave me an amazing warm sensation, and, along with the music, this immersed me so deeply in the game I would get irritable and grumpy when it was time to put the controller down. These graphics are amazing.The controls are really good and responsive, and very easy to use. And rotating the camera is something the series really benefits from. the targeting system still works great, and some of the actions are mapped to the r button, which makes some things less akward than in previous zelda gamesThe gameplay itself never lacked in fun, even long sailing boat trips could be fun with so many things to do out there, such as collecting items, sunken treasures, and fighting off marine enemies. Even spinning the camera around can provide good entertainment, with such great graphics.There are so many sidequests and collectible items, that this game can last you a very long time. When I beat it, I felt satisfied, victorious, and eager to play it again. Especially eager when I learned of the second quest. While not much different, the second quest let you continue your nintendo gallery exploits by starting you with the pictograph box and lets you keep the original pajama outfit throughout the game. You can also now read the hylian language, and new humorous dialogue is added in.I have played this game thrice now that I have bought it for myself, and I plan to play it again on my Wii. This game still hasn’t lost any of it’s charm. The difficulty level obviously decreases as you play it again and again, but the story, the music, the graphics and the characters alone are enough to play it several times over without yearning for something more. That is a quality I look for in my games.Pros:+Amazing graphics, beautiful animations.+Perfect puzzle solving expected of Zelda has come to the next console generation with flying colors, and is just the right level of difficulty.+Great epic storyline, with imaginative characters and unique plot twists.+Amazing soundtrack, and nostalgic for Zelda veterans.+High replay value (for people like me who like to get more for their money)Cons:-All other games seem a little dull after playing this.-It’s hard to think of cons for it :).Interesting:?It takes place after Twilight Princess, and is (believed to be) one of the later games in the Zelda timeline. Nobody knows for sure though.?There is no equipment subscreen this time, as with Majora’s Mask. I wonder why they never let you switch back to your family’s shield…?Strange how the parts of this game that recieved critcism are the parts that made it so great.I reccomend you buy this game right now if you don’t already have it. It’s better than Twilight princess, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a solid Gamecube Zelda. It is a masterpiece and you will be fondly remembering it 20 years from now.

  2. i meant to write this review earlier the time i got it, but i was too busy with high school work. anyways, i played this game as a child way back when i was 11. you will get to play link with a whole new unique gaming experience, which many zelda fans aren’t used to. anyways this game was pretty entertaining for me and has made a part of my childhood. right now i’m too old to play games like these so i bought this game for my younger brother who is 9, and he really enjoys playing it. anyways good seller and game. highly recommended for kids.

  3. Our son received this gift for his birthday, and literally every single day he wakes up and play with it. He’s 2.5 year old and I donot see any choking materials. There is a lot of train tracks in this box! The track is very smooth and well made, it appears to be made out of a decent quality hardwood. We bought this set for our boy to play with his existing Thomas sets.Here are the PROs:1) It’s perfectly compatible to our existing Thomas Train Set.2) Tracks are double sized, it allows us to rotate them to create some special loops3) ToysOpoly tracks have cross ties etched into the tracks giving them a more realistic look4) Dimensionally: They match up perfectly to in length and width5) Easy to put together and excellent craftsmanship6) Portable with beautiful color box7) Last but not least, I received a best customer service from ToysOpolyHere are the CONsNONE that I can find so far….

  4. A lot easier than I expected it to be, but the Game Cube was geared toward kids, so it makes perfect sense that it should tone down the difficulty. The sailing part is the most relaxing part. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of it and am surprised by pirates attacking my ship or having arrived at a destination. The Zelda puzzle solving is always fun. The A.I. is particularly more enjoyable than in most. Princess Zelda has a lot more personality in this one than in others and doesn’t play just a cutesy damsel in distress until half way into the game.

  5. GREAT quality, fast delivery, awesome followup from the company – This track pack makes for a LOT of possibilities as a starter set for for our little one. Best part is Mom and Dad like playing with it too. It’s easily compatible with Brio add-ons (we’ve only tried Brio so far- oh and our Thomas engine works fine with it too) This track set is our new favorite toy in the house.. I could see getting an additional set just to get a little crazier with our designs! The pieces are well made and quite strong. Nice, sturdy, easy and intuitive enough to get going right out of the box. The box is nice enough to store the pieces again when we put them away before bedtime so they can be pulled out in the morning.VERY PLEASED! It had the best reviews of all that I looked at (which is why we bought it) and I’m happy to add ours to the list!Thanks ToysOpoly!

  6. One of my favorite things is the wooden track. The pieces are beautiful, and they feel real and solid (too rare with toys these days), and it presents both an intellectual puzzle and a creative opportunity. I love that building train layouts can be an enjoyable challenge to both myself and the Little Engineer. Brio, Thomas, Melissa and Doug, and Imaginarium tracks and train toys we have all work well together with this set, which we love because we can expand our tracks without the price tag. The quality is great and we had no issues with these items.

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