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A search engine can be thought of as the largest storefront of all time. But, it dispenses EVERYTHING (as example a search engine attempts to catalog). You walk up to the counter (visit Google.com) and ask the magical clerk for a search engine attempts to catalog (type in your search), you hit „go“ and off he runs back into the largest warehouse of all time to find a search engine attempts to catalog.

In a matter of milliseconds he’s back with a list of a search engine attempts to catalog he thinks you need. Essentially this is how a search engine works.

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  1. Love ‚em or hate ‚em McAfee makes a decent enough product. I don’t like dealing with their technical support but their product is more or less hands off and in most cases automatic and „maintenance free.“ Amazon maintains a good price (currently under $20) for a one year subscription. Even at under $30 it’s a decent deal. Set this up once to thoroughly scan your machine once per week. Use the built in firewall and other included extras and this can all but save you from yourself when it comes to harmful sites and programs. Just make sure you give this full premission an don’t allow windows to take over. I periodically check in the Control Panel to make sure windows firewall is off. The system will still showed as secure if you have a 3rd party virus software and firewall installed. As I said above, the real key to not getting infected with virus and adware is to stay off of sites with questionable content, this cannot protect you from the junk that collects from professional spam sites. Any site that is giving you free content for what others charge for is a spam site. Also be cautious with downloads. Always scan them before running them. I’m a four year user of McAfee and have only had one incident that I can complain about. As I stated above, it was certainly something I picked up while on a site that I should’ve stayed away from. In plain and simple terms people think virus sofeware should tank armor for your PC. Bottom line its bullet proof vest. It will stop the normal everyday concerns, but it’s not going help you if you insist on walking in war zone.

  2. I read the instructions and it says if you already have McAfee in your system (I had Internet Security), go to the website and use the product key to download this version! I did not even had to use the CD. But getting a higher level security software and paid $20 less than I did the year before via the website was a great deal for me. But recently, I noticed my Online Backing was still under my old license. I went on the chat line with a CSR. I just wanted online backing under my new license. He seemed like he did not know exactly what to do, so he suggested I had to uninstall then re-install Total Protection via the website. I told him I just as soon take the online backing feature off and I did. It was just extra anyway. But other than this, so far so good. The license is good for a year, so I hope it does a really good job in protecting my pc if not better!

  3. This has been the worst experience in my laptop owning life. I installed this program. Then my computer started to shutoff. Then I call Mcafee and I am told to uninstall and reinstall the program – does not reinstall because of errors. Then, after 2 other phone calls and remote desktop assistance, nothing is accomplished (after hours, of course). I am directed to the Master Tech support, when I am told that my browser has been hijacked and my computer is infected. Don’t worry though, because they can help if I pay more money. What a joke. I do know some basics about computers and was able to do a system restore to factory settings. Stay away. I am assuming this product may work for some people, but my experience, coupled with their brand of customer service, is enough to make me stay away from Mcafee forever. At least I can submit a form to get a refund.

  4. Continue to have issues with browser extensions reinstalling and fouling the system. Also the system is significantly slower for a long time after startup.

  5. I bought my Pokemon Go Plus at a retail store, not Amazon, but wanted to give an review here for those who are thinking about spending the money. First, the original retail price was $35.99, those who are selling for more are price gouging. Wait for it to restock at the appropriate price, as this is a good product, but not worth what some are charging.First, the good. I can play Pokemon Go while my screen is off, with my phone in my purse of pocket. It tracks steps for your buddy candy and egg hatching, it notifies you when a pokemon/stop is nearby. You can collect items from your pokestop when it vibrates and shows a blue light. You can catch a pokemon if it flashes a green or yellow light (yellow indicates that it’s a pokemon you haven’t yet caught or encountered).Now, the bad. The device functions, however, when „catching“ you only throw one pokeball, a regular pokeball. It will be a normal throw, no raspberry, no great/utlra ball. You get one chance and the pokemon is either caught or runs away. As a level 21, my catch rate is terrible, but I got a dratini last night. Also, prior to getting the device, I’d never had a Pokemon in my house, but have had several since yesterday, though out of the 10, I have caught none of them. The bracelet is terrible. It’s difficult to get on and off because it has no buckle and it is very small. My husband cut his off and replaced it with a modified paracord bracelet. Not only is the bracelet terrible, you have to remove the battery cover it comes with (clip) and screw it onto the bracelet, instead of just snapping in and not having to get a screwdriver out. It was bafflingly bad design. The device is not rechargeable, but uses a lithium ion watch battery, a very affordable battery. I have no idea how often it’ll need to be replaced, and I think they chose to do it this way for affordability on their part, not ours. Before an update yesterday, you couldn’t catch pokemon new to the pokedex. If you clicked the button there was no way to catch it, it looks like they have fixed this in the update, though with my terrible capture rate, I don’t know if I will every be able to confirm this.I bet it seems strange that I gave this item so many stars as well as so many complaints, but I am overall very pleased with the purchase. I think that if they added the ability to throw multiple balls, and do a long press for a raspberry, I would give it 5 stars even with the flaws. I am pleased to not have to have my phone constantly in my hand now, I am thrilled that my steps will be counted toward my progress, I am excited to have the app continue to run passively in the background. I wish the casing were more user friendly and wish it had a rechargeable battery, but I feel the price is reasonable with these things in mind.

  6. First introduced by Shigeru Miyamoto during E3 2016, the Pokémon GO Plus has arrived in September, several months after the originally announced release date. Was the wait worth it? The answer is that it depends…on how you use it!To summarize, the PoGO+ is terrific for tracking distance for egg hatching, and makes it much faster to capture Pokémon and grind for XP, though it’s not as great at spinning Pokéstops. The ability to play the game with the screen off greatly improves your smartphone battery life, and a single button makes it easy to use while on the GO. The main downside is that a lot of Pokémon (especially rare/high-CP ones) will run away, and you will quickly deplete your stock of Red Pokéballs.Here are the good things about this device:+++Tracks distance even while the screen is locked or off, as long as the app was not closed. This means your battery won’t drain nearly as quickly, and egg hatching / buddy walking is more accurate (still restricted by the 10.5km/h or 6.5mph speed limit).+Allows wild Pokémon to be captured, and Pokéstops to be spun, as long as they are in range. I was able to spin Pokéstops and capture Pokémon while biking at about 10-15mph.+Blinks green for Pokémon you’ve already encountered (vibration pattern: 6 long buzzes), yellow for Pokémon that are not in your Pokédex (vibration pattern: 4 short buzzes, then 1 long buzz)+Blinks blue for spinnable Pokéstops within range (vibration pattern: 2 short buzzes, repeated 3 times)+Vibration is strong, so you can have it in your pocket and still feel it+Both a clip and an adjustable watchband are included in the box (screwdriver is needed to swap the backplate between clip or watchband)+Sends notifications when a Pokémon are caught / flee on your smartphoneAnd the bad things:—Attempts to catch each Pokémon only once, after which it will flee. The ball will be thrown without a curve, and will not receive a Nice/Great/Excellent bonus. This is a problem at higher trainer levels, because Pokémon with higher CP, as well as evolved forms, become more likely to break out of Pokéballs. On the bright side, you still get the 25XP for Pokémon that flee.—When capturing Pokémon, it will only use Red Pokéballs, and will not use Great/Ultra balls when you run out of Red ones. It will not use Berries either.-The Android app does not always display Pokémon detected by the PoGO+ (I cannot say whether the iFruit version has this issue)-Automatically disconnects after about an hour (power saving feature, cannot be disabled)-Limited 3-month warranty (same as video games, but much shorter than the typical 1-year warranty for electronic hardware/consoles)Some of the initial drawbacks were since fixed in newer versions of the app:-PoGO+ can only issue one action at a time, and seems to give higher priority to catching Pokémon over spinning Pokéstops. It’s still much faster to use your phone to spin multiple Pokéstops that are located within a small area. EDIT1: starting with the 0.41.2 version of PoGO, you are now able to choose to be notified for only Pokéstops, or only Pokémon, or neither if you are just using the device for egg hatching. The prioritization still favors Pokémon over Pokéstops, which can’t be changed at this time.-Automatically disconnects if a Pokémon is tapped in the app, and does not automatically reconnect. Fortunately, spinning Pokéstops on the phone doesn’t cause the PoGO+ to disconnect. EDIT2: Starting with the 0.41.2 version of PoGO, the PoGO+ will now stay connected even after tapping on Pokémon or tapping on Gyms.-There is no „low battery“ warning, the only indication is that the device blinks the white LED, and tries to connect to your smartphone but is unable to complete successfully. The battery lasted exactly one month for me with about 2-5 hours of daily usage. EDIT3: Starting with the 0.43.3 version of PoGO, the app displays a low-battery icon when the PoGO+ has less than 30% battery life remaining.Not every change was an improvement, some things took steps backward:–PoGO+ will no longer capture Pokémon or spin Pokéstops when travelling at a speed of around 25mph or faster (the speed at which the „should not be used while driving“ message appears on the app).–PoGO+ often has trouble pairing with the app, the Pokéstop speed lock often results in being out of range by the time PoGO+ flashes blue, and PoGO+ often stops functioning while stationary. EDITIn the 6 months I have been using this device (since its release in September 2016), the device was very usable through October, but has been very glitchy from November onwards. Since then, I have noticed the PoGO+ often has difficulty pairing with my phone, which can usually be resolved by force closing the app and resetting the cache. Anytime I am moving at a speed over 10mph, the latency of the PoGO+ when approaching a Pokéstop is often bad enough for me to already be out of range by the time the button flashes blue. The PoGO+ will often not trigger while stationary. It works better when the screen is on with the app visible, which negates the power-savings advantage. In it’s current state, I no longer consider this worthy of 4 stars, and even 3 stars may be too much. EDIT4: The pairing issues were mostly (but not completely) resolved with the 0.51.0 update.This review was initially based on the 0.37.0 (Android) version, which was released on September 10, 2016. I have been updating the review as the app continues to evolve, and the current version is 0.57.4 as of March 14, 2017. I hope that some of the issues will be addressed by future updates, but have learned not to expect anything when it comes to Niantic :-)UPDATE1: The 0.41.2 version (October 11, 2016) of the app resolved a couple of issues with prioritization and disconnections, see EDIT1 and EDIT2UPDATE2: The 0.43.3 version (October 24, 2016) of the app added a low-battery icon, see EDIT3UPDATE3: In late October 2016, there was a server-side update which blocked Pokémon from spawning in the app and PoGO+, when travelling at speeds faster than about 25mph. In early November 2016, this „speed lock“ restriction was expanded to also block Pokéstops from giving exp/items.UPDATE4: In the 0.51.0 version (December 19, 2016) of the app, the hatching of an egg no longer blocks the PoGO+ from operating, previously the egg hatching animation had to be viewed or pinched closed in the app for the PoGO+ to resume functionality.UPDATE5: The 0.55.0 version (January 28, 2017) of the app resolved many of the issues with pairing the PoGO+ device on the Android version. I still occasionally have issues with pairing, and the device still doesn’t work reliably when stationary.UPDATE6: In the 0.57.2 version (February 15, 2017), a 50XP „First Catch“ bonus is now given if the Pokémon is successfully caught on the first throw. This effectively increases all successful PoGO+ catches from 100XP to 150XP. (This also happens to be the update which gave us catchable Gen2 Pokémon)r

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